How to Play Fantasy Cricket at SKP 11

Create your own team and earn points, basis the players selected by you

Steps to get started with SKP 11 Fantasy Cricket Game

  1. Download the SKP 11 App and Register with us

  2. Create your SKP 11 with a maximum of 100 credit points

  3. Select for play first inning contest, second inning contest , full inning contest.

  4. Join from different contests that are running right from ‘Small’or‘Mega’

  5. Once the match goes live, the points start getting added.

  6. The final score will be added once the match is over.

    1. Go to ‘Matches’

    2. Click on ‘Completed’

    3. Check the points earned and the ranking of your team

  7. You can withdraw your winning any time you want.

    1. My Account

    2. Withdraw Cash

Make Your Team

Let’s get you started to create your SKP 11 fantasy cricket team

  1. Select match from the current or upcoming cricket games and click on the ‘Create Team’ button

  2. You can create your team by using 100 credit points from your account

  3. You can pick up to 7 players from one squad

  4. You select player on your team :

    1. Batsmen: 2-6

    2. Wicketkeeper: 1-3

    3. All rounders: 1-4

    4. Bowlers: 2-6

  5. From the team of 11 players, you can select a Captain and a Vice Captain

    1. The captain gets 2X points scored by him in the match

    2. The vice captain gets 1.5X points scored by him in the match

Create unlimited Teams

You can create up to unlimited teams for each match. You can also select to join contests with any of the teams formed.

Do keep in mind, that you will pay an additional entry fee for each team formed to play fantasy cricket on SKP 11