How SKP 11 is better than other fantasy cricket app and what's new in SKP 11?

This is an online fantasy cricket playing app, in which you will create 11 teams of your choice from the live cricket match of the two teams, and then you can win millions by joining any contest in this app and for more information for this you can learn how to play fantasy cricket on youtube by searching and see in the video.

In this app, you can win a lot of money by forming your own team, but if you add another person to this aap through your refer code (you will get your refer code as soon as you join the app), then won by him You will get up to 10 percent of the amount That is, if that person wins 1,00000 (one lakh rupees) by joining a group with more than 50 people, then you will also get 10 percent of that i.e. 10000 (ten thousand rupees) and if he joins a group with less than 50 people If you played day match, you will get 5 parcent of the money won.If wins 100000 (one lakh rupees) in this group, then you will get 5000 / - (five thousand rupees) and this plan life time will run i.e. when the person you join will win the money then you will also win and you will get your refer code You can add more people than you win, because the more people you win, the more you will gain. By adding someone to the refer code in any other fantasy cricket app, you only get money once, but in skp11, any of your friend from the refer code By adding and you will get money in every match.

In this app you can win money three times in a match because other you declare winner only once but we will give you the chance to make the winner three times in a match. In skp 11 you can join the contest by forming teams for first inings, second ininngs and full matches, i.e. if you want to make a team for first inings, then you can join in the app for join in first inings contest and The winner will be declared as soon as the first inings are over, in the same way you can win by joining in the second inings and full match contest, if you want, you can join in the same match in all three types of contest and in skp11 to create a team There is no limit that a user can create as many teams as he wants.